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Danny Davis

Danny Davis is the owner and chief investigator of DDI. He oversees every step of the investigative process. His background is twenty years in the law enforcement arena, which includes being a deputy with the orange county probation department and with the orange county sheriff's department.

Danny is the past President and Chairman of the Board for the worlds largest investigators association, C.A.L.I. (California Association of Licensed Investigators). Danny and the rest of the board worked very closely with the California legislature and the bureau of investigative services in Sacramento in dealing with laws and procedures directly related to our industry.

Danny conducts seminars and workshops at conferences all over the state. He is known throughout the state as one who gets things done. Danny is consulted often by other investigators as to ways of dealing with particularly difficult case assignments.


Insurance/Workers Comp Investigations

Assisting insurance companies, third party administrators and self-insureds in the defense of fraudulent claims is a feature of DDI'S experience. For years, DDI has assisted its clients in reducing liabilities. We are highly competent in all areas of insurance claims and offer proven techniques and a complete understanding of this industry's environment. Identification of alternate sources of income and the documentation of employees activity are normally primary considerations. Although each client may require a variation on the theme, documentation of relevant information remains the standard requirement. The successful claims investigation can involve: AOE/COE, activity checks, subrosa (surveillance), and records checks such as: other employer and sources of income, court records and personal information, prior claim and medical history. DDI can assist the client at every level.



When background investigations are required, DDI has the experience and resources to provide current and verifiable assets of individuals and companies. DDI can provide any asset and background checks needed for pre-employment, civil litigation's, insurance fraud and embezzlement. DDI has the tools of international databases and other reliable sources, world wide, to obtain all pertinent information.



DDI is affiliated locally and internationally with professional groups formed to engender support and provide assistance in a multitude of areas. DDI belongs to: C.A.L.I. California Association of Licensed Investigators, N.C.I.S.S. National Council of Investigation and Security Services, N.A.L.I. National Association of Legal Investigators, W.A.D. World Association of Detectives, and the N.A.C.D.L. National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. With active membership in these organizations, DDI is continually involved in the refinement of services offered to its clients. By encouraging ongoing education and stressing the need for high levels of professionalism in the investigative community, DDI has solidly earned the respect of its peers.


Criminal Investigations

DDI excels in conducting all types of criminal investigations whether felony or misdemeanor. With over one hundred murder cases, many of them death penalty, DDI shows its experience, knowledge of the laws in and out of the courtroom, and the ability to obtain the information needed in preparing a proper defense. DDI is able to work together with the attorney in focusing all efforts in the precise direction to give the client the best possible defense.


Civil Investigations

DDI Investigations assists Attorney’s in the preparation of civil cases. Locating witnesses, recording and video taping accident scenes or incident locations, and interviewing victims and witnesses are all among the tasks DDI performs. Interviewing techniques is the forte of DDI Investigators. We save the Attorney valuable time by having all interviews conducted by DDI. Plus, DDI Investigators can testify in court as to the interviews and the introduction of evidence.


Missing Persons

DDI Investigations is one of the few Investigation Firms with the capability of searching databases nation wide right from the office. When looking for a missing person searching public records throughout the nation is a must. DDI also has sources and colleagues throughout the world to assist in locating anyone and can do so usually in a few days. Given enough time and DDI’s resources even those who are trying to hide can still be located. DDI takes missing persons one step further by including witness locates for those criminal and civil investigations and process serving.


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